Our Garden in Bloom

Enjoying the June Garden

Roses in bloom! 

Our daughter Jill gave me two lovely roses for Mother’s Day one year. The double pack was labeled “Don Juan Climbing Roses”, so I couldn’t have been more surprised when the roses bloomed white. While first being disappointed, I have long since been thankful for the mislabeling, as these beautiful white roses bloom from spring to late fall. I’m only sorry I don’t know their name!

‘Endless Summer’ hydrangea provide gorgeous blooms in pink, lavender and blue all summer long! 

This white garden sits off our side porch, where we love to spend our evenings relaxing and talking.

Recently transplanted ‘Becky’ Shasta daisies bloom next to ‘Blushing Bride’ hydrangea.

The ‘Homestead Purple’ verbena, which spilled over the wall so beautifully last year, didn’t make it through the winter. Replacement plants are off to a slow start.

Lilies and ‘Black and Blue’ salvia in bloom.

Gardenias add a sweet scent throughout the garden. 

Our winding garden path seems to be narrowing…

Bill built our square foot garden from pallets in 2009, before we knew what Pinterest was. We only knew that pallets were a good source of free wood! Unfortunately the wood is disintegrating and may not last another year. I hope that the wonderful pieces of outdoor furniture and garden projects made out of pallets that we’ve seen on Pinterest will last longer than the wood in our square foot garden!

I’m desperately fighting squash bugs and slugs in an attempt to keep my squash plants alive this year. 

Early on, we found that deer had eaten the leaves at the top of the cucumber plants. Bill followed the advice of our friends at Smith Family Nursery, soaked a strip of cloth in Liquid Fence and attached it to a pole in the garden. This seems to have been a deterrent as we haven’t seen any more sign of deer activity!

Thank you for stopping in to visit our June garden!

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Jeannie Carney is a wife, mother and grandmother. When she’s not working at ProPlugger or enjoying family and friends, she’s most likely in the garden.