RESTORE your Mulch Beds in 3 EASY Steps

I am REALLY trying to make my landscaping pop this year! Lots of work going into it and lots of

How to plant Bermuda grass plugs

Directions Step 1: Plant a small area of Bermuda sod Water the sod according to usual recommendations Wait 3 weeks

How to plant Zoysia grass plugs (with video)

There are 2 methods for planting Zoysia plugs 1st method:  Planting Zoysia plugs from sod Plant a small section of

Planting Grass Plugs from Sod

Introduction:  Step by step instructions for planting grass plugs from sod with the ProPlugger (usually zoysia, bermuda, or centipede grasses)

Planting grass plugs from sod – Additional information

Introduction:  Some additional information to Planting grass plugs with sod.  This includes herbicide use, watering, and a few other items.

Planting Grass Plugs from Trays with the ProPlugger

Planting grass plugs from trays purchased online is a great option for filling in small or medium sized areas with

How to Plant Bulbs with the ProPlugger (with Video)

Directions: Step 1: Dig the planting holes Use the depth rings to dig 2″, 4″, or 6″ deep planting holes

Planting Dwarf Mondo Grass (with Video)

Directions: Step 1: Dig planting holes 6″ apart Dwarf Mondo is a slow spreader so take that in consideration when

Collect soil samples for testing with the ProPlugger

Introduction:  Use the ProPlugger as a soil sampler probe to collect soil samples for testing. You can take 2″ and

Planting summer bulbs in the spring with the ProPlugger by Kenny Cooper

Planting summer bulbs in the spring: Gladiolus, Iris, and Ixia’s using the ProPlugger   Kenny Cooper is a husband, father

How To Repair Bare Spots in Your Lawn with the ProPluggger (with video)

Transplant grass plugs from healthy areas of your lawn to bare spots with the ProPlugger Grasses that can be plugged:

How to Get Rid of Wild Onion and Wild Garlic with the ProPlugger

Many weeding tools have difficultly pulling weeds like wild onion and wild garlic because of their deep root systems.  

Planting Tomatoes and Strawberries Video on HortTube with Jim Putnam

In this video I show how I plant Peppers, Tomatoes, and Strawberries. I also show the progress of the cool

Geo Zoysia Plugging Project Video by Carlo Oller MD

Hey guys, In this video I want to share with you how I’m going to take some of this beautiful

Planting plugs is a cheap and easy way to plant a landscape

Why is planting plugs instead of larger plants in a landscape often a better idea? Let’s start planting the landscape design

How to Use a ProPlugger on Your Lawn Video by Grass Daddy

Moving plugs of your Kentucky Bluegrass into areas that have been damaged or had germination problems is a great way

How to plant Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) – (with video)

Slide the 4″ depth ring onto the ProPlugger to set the depth of the hole Dig planting holes 6″ –

Planting Tulips Video with Joel Karsten

Hi Everyone, It’s a beautiful fall day in Minnesota and today we’re going to talk about something different. We’re going

How to Make Precision Holes Through Ground Cover with the ProPlugger Video by Simply Sprouts Farm

Morning Everybody. This is John at Simply Sprouts Farm. Today we’re going to talk about garden tools. In particular, one

A (mostly) Native Perennial Plug Planting Twelve Months Later by Jim Anderson

Last year, I posted about a new perennial plug planting I did in June of 2016. In that post, Planting Plugs

Growing a new lawn by planting grass plugs (with video)

Use the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 planting tool to plug and plant spreading grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede Not recommended for

How to Plug Bermudagrass Video by The Lawn Guardian

Learn how to plug bermudagrass! Plugging bermuda or plugging grass that spreads is a great alternative when trying to fill

Planting Asian Jasmine Ground Cover with the ProPlugger

Jim was looking for a solution to his shady lawn where large oak trees were causing thinning of his St.

Taking Soil Samples and Pulling Wild Garlic/Onion with the ProPlugger

Camille from Wilmington, NC shows how she takes soil samples with the ProPlugger as well as pulling out wild garlic/onion

Enjoying the May Garden

A long anticipated springtime has arrived! Homestead Purple verbena spilling over the wall, where it will bloom faithfully, summer through

Enjoying the June Garden

Roses in bloom!  Our daughter Jill gave me two lovely roses for Mother’s Day one year. The double pack was

Enjoying the July Garden

A true highlight in July is our Harlequin glorybower in bloom! The tree practically quivers with butterflies and hummingbirds lighting on the

How to Start Seeds Indoors by Kevin Johnson

As I sit here with my morning coffee, local nurseries are scurrying around like busy bees setting up their plant

Planting Annuals – Pansies (with video)

When to plant pansies: If you’re looking for color in your garden long after the leaves have fallen from the

How to plant Begonias (with video)

Digging the planting hole: Step 1 Use the metal adapter plates provided to set the desired depth of the hole,

Planting Annuals – Impatiens (with video)

Impatiens should be called the “shiekh of the shade garden.” Along with coleus, they’re one of the most adaptable flowers

Planting bulbs – Daffodils (with video)

Let’s face it, most bulb planting methods have us spending a lot of time bending over or on our knees.

Planting Bulbs – Tulips (with video)

Let’s face it, most bulb planting methods have us spending a lot of time bending over or on our knees.

Planting Bulbs – Lilies – Lilium (with video)

Let’s face it, most bulb planting methods have us spending a lot of time bending over or on our knees.

Planting Bulbs – Anemones (with video)

Not to be confused with sea anemone, a stinging polyp that lives under the sea, the land loving anemone is

Planting Bulbs – Muscari (with video)

Feeding: When the leaf tips begin to poke out of the ground, apply a 5-10-10 fertilizer. About the time of

Planting Bulbs – Caladium (with video)

Caladium is a tropical foliage plant native to Brazil. It’s considered an easy to grow plant, especially when planted in the

Planting bulbs – Hyacinth (with video)

If you’re looking for fragrance in your spring garden, make sure you plant plenty of hyacinths. This stately spring flowering bulb

Planting Bulbs – Calla Lilies (with video)

If you’re looking for summer blooming flowers and a chance to fill a vase with a bouquet of cut flowers, you can’t

Planting Bulbs – Allium (with video)

Like a skyscraper towering over townhouses in a big city, Allium will rise above the rest of the flowers in your

Planting Bulbs – Crocus (with video)

Just about the time you think you can’t take another day of the winter drabness, the colorful blooms of crocus

Planting Bulbs – Galanthus (with video)

Also known as snowdrop, galanthus is a plant that flowers about the same time as crocus (March through May, depending on where you

Planting Bulbs – Gladiolus aka Glads (with video)

Gladiolus, or Glads as they are often referred to, add greatly to the summer garden with their tall spikes of

Planting Bulbs – Scilla (with video)

Scilla is the sweetheart of the woodland and rock garden. It grows well in partial shade and in less than

Planting Bulbs – Ranunculus (with video)

If you’re looking to brighten up your yard and have eye-popping flowers available to display in a vase, plant ranunculus. Ranunculus come

Building or Repairing a Lawn Using Sod

We all love a lush, green lawn and while there are many varieties of grasses to choose from, there are

Planting with Grass Seed – Is seeding right for me?

Of all of the common methods for building a new lawn (sodding, sprigging, seeding and plugging), seeding can be the least expensive initially. It

How to plant Centipede grass plugs

There are 2 methods for planting Centipede plugs 1st method:  Planting Centipede plugs from sod Plant a small section of

Buffalograss (with video)

Buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloidesis) is the grass of the Great Plains. It is one of the true native grasses, one that

Plugging in Sand – A Customer Testimonial

I have a house in Waves NC on the Outer Banks, 12 lots back from the oceanfront, so my soil

How To Fill Holes Made With the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool

When we harvest our lawn plugs for transplanting, we pull the donor plugs in a tight grouping (approx 3″ apart) which

St Augustine grass

St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), like Bermuda, is a favorite of the warmer climates. It is native to the tropics