How to Get Rid of Wild Onion and Wild Garlic with the ProPlugger

getting rid of wild garlic

Many weeding tools have difficultly pulling weeds like wild onion and wild garlic because of their deep root systems.   The ProPlugger works by digging up plugs of soil, effectively removing these tough weeds, roots and all.

Step 1:  Set your depth.

The depth rings provided with the ProPlugger allow you to dig 2″, 4″, and 6″ deep holes.  Simply choose the depth that corresponds with weeds you’re pulling.  In the video below, we’re using a 4″ depth ring to remove the wild onion and wild garlic.


depth ring illustration

If you don’t know how deep your roots go, take a few plugs 6 inches deep.  Turn the plugger upside down and dump the plugs out.  Then break them apart to see how deep the roots go. If the roots go down only 4 inches, use the 4″ depth ring.


wild onions tap root

Step 2:  Digging out the wild onion or garlic.

Place the ProPlugger over the wild onion or garlic and step down until the depth ring touches the ground. Give a slight twist of the handlebars and pull the tool up.


taking wild onion plugs


If the weed is larger in diameter than the plugger, just take a few plugs side by side until you’ve removed the entire weed.


2 steps wild garlic


You can continue to take plugs one after another, as the soil stacks up inside the tube.


Soil stacks up

When the plugger is full, empty it out by turning the tool upside down.


emptying proplugger wild onions


Step 2:  Filling in the holes you’ve dug.

Compost, commercial soil or a soil compost mix that doesn’t contain weed seeds can be used to fill the holes.


filling up wild garlic holes


To save strain on your back, you can also use the ProPlugger as a funnel for filling the holes.


proplugger to fill up wild garlic holes


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