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How To Fill Holes Made With the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool

When we harvest our lawn plugs for transplanting, we pull the donor plugs in a tight grouping (approx 3″ apart) which makes the holes easy to fill.

filling in sod with soil post plugging

  • Fill a wheel barrow up with some commercial soil or soil compost mix.
  • Dump the soil over the holes.
  • Then move the back side of the rake back and forth over the soil until the holes are filled.
  • Mowing an area short before plugging will help the dirt go in easier.

The following method uses a home made sifter to help filter out debris from the soil you reuse:

Step 1: Pull plugs from the area you will be transplanting grass plugs to.

Step 2: Pour the soil plugs mixed with compost or potting mix onto a screen soil sifter set on top of a wheelbarrow. With gloved hands, make a rubbing motion, pushing the plugs and compost through the screen, leaving behind the rocks and debris. We built a screening frame using recycled 2×4’s and some hardware cloth from a local home improvement center. It’s just large enough to fit over the top of our wheelbarrow (below). Check out this link to make your own soil sifter: Soil Sifter, an easy garden tool to make

      Step 3: Dispose of the rocks and debris from the screen. The screened soil is ready to use.

      Filling single holes:

      • If you have just a few holes to fill in, you can use a cup to pour the dirt in.
      • You can also use the ProPlugger as a long funnel so you don’t have to bend over while doing it.