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Plugging in Sand – A Customer Testimonial

I have a house in Waves NC on the Outer Banks, 12 lots back from the oceanfront, so my soil is really just sand. It has always been a rental property and until I acquired it last Spring, the yard had been pretty much neglected. Until I applied Round Up, I had a sparse stand of centipede grass and other undesirable weeds.

In the process of laying  two pallets of Compadre Zoysia sod, I observed that sand does not retain moisture very well, especially with the almost always constant wind on the outer banks.  So prior to my laying any further sod, I wanted to address that issue by introducing moisture/nutrient retaining organic material into the sandy soil while minimally disturbing the soil surface. It was at this point that I discovered the ProPlugger and Coco Peat. My ProPlugger proved to be the perfect tool for the job. The “work” was more tedious that it was hard. Remember we’re talking sand here. Using the ring that allows a 4″ depth, I punched approximately 3300 holes about 8″ apart in an area of 1400 SF. Now my yard will be better prepared for the next 3 pallets of sod. Once established I will then use my ProPlugger to cut and transplant plugs to other areas. Maybe you should change “ProPlugger 5 in 1” to  “ProPlugger 6 in 1”!

The first group of 1100 holes I punched  in an area of 450 SF, the amount of sod in 1 pallet.

The  area pictured is the “1100 holes” pic with holes filled with coco peat.
This picture is of an additional area of about 900 SF with holes to be back filled. 

You can see in pic 4 that I actually  use my ProPlugger to cut plugs from the established sod.

By: Charles R. – Waves, NC