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Video Library – Planting Annuals – Pansies

How to plant pansies

Read this article on how to plant Pansies with the ProPlugger

Or, watch the video below

We’re adding a little splash of color to our entry way by planting some annuals, in this case pansies with this 5-IN-1, we’ll be digging out and removing the soil from over 50 planting holes…all from a comfortable standing position. It’s really easy…let me show you how it works after raking back the mulch, I’ll lay out the painting locations for these pansies and two staggered rows bordering the sidewalk using a tape measure of my guide.

I’ll quickly mark off each spot using some marking chalk and then we’re ready to start digging holes these pansies that we’ll be planting come in cell packs that are about two inches which means we’ll be using the two inch adapter plate, the one marked with a two, to plant them. Starting at one end I’ll work my way down the rows, digging one hole after another by stepping on the foot-pegs until the adapter plate rests on the soil…a slight twist of the handle bars to break the soil plug loose, and pull straight up the soil get stored in the tool as I work and when I’m ready to empty, I just turn the five-in-one upside down.

We’ll screen this soil and add some organic compost to give our pansies a little added nutrients. next will drop in the annuals…adding some of the amended soil…water well and pull back the mulch in place in our work here is done!

To dig planting holes for annuals that come in larger cells, we’ll change the four inch adapter plate. This time we’ll take a few bites out of the soil in order to make a larger planting hole. It still only takes five seconds or so per hole, but it gives us the room we need will loosen the root system a little bit set the plant in place…and add the amended soil. Always remember the water well.

Nothing beats working from a comfortable standing position especially when you’ve got a lot of annuals to plant. But helping with annuals is just one of the jobs that the five-in-one does well! Be sure to check out the other videos showing how the ProPlugger can help you plant fall and spring flower bulbs…get rid of those deep tap-root weeds like dandelions and wild onions, or help you build a beautiful on as a lawn plugging tool.

It’s definitely a year-round planting tool that won’t sit in your shed gathering dust.