How to Plant Bulbs with the ProPlugger (with Video)

ProPlugger bulb planting
Planting bulbs with the ProPlugger is an easy way to fill your yard with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.   The ProPlugger allows you to dig multiple planting holes, one after another, as the soil stacks up inside the tube.   Empty it, by simply turning it upside down. Watch the video to see how it works



Step 1: Dig the planting holes

ProPlugger bulb planting

  • Use the depth rings to dig 2″, 4″, or 6″ deep planting holes as needed for the variety of bulb you’re planting.
  • Consult the planting instructions included with your bulbs for the recommended planting depth


ProPlugger depth rings

  • For larger bulbs, dig a few holes side by side to make the planting hole larger (see image below):

Larger bulb holes

  • Dig all your planting holes, one after another as the soil stacks up in the tube

Soil stacks up

  • Empty the soil from the ProPlugger by turning it upside down.

emptying proplugger bulbs

  • If your soil is hard-packed, try watering the area before plugging.
    • Moist soil is much easier to plug than dry soil, particularly if your soil has a heavy clay content.
      • Take care not to over water.
    • If soil gets too saturated, the plugger may clog up, or plugs may have difficulty coming cleanly out of the ground.

Step 2: Plant and water your bulbs

Planting bulbs

  • Sprinkle in the recommended amount of bone meal or bulb fertilizer in the holes you’ve created, followed by a little soil so that the bulb does not come into direct contact with the fertilizer.
  • Drop the bulbs into the hole, pointed tip facing upward.
  • Fill in the holes halfway with soil.
  • Thoroughly soak the area with water.
  • Fill in the remaining soil, and water again.
  • Add mulch over the planting area to hold moisture, regulate temperature, and reduce weed growth.
You can also use the ProPlugger to help you plant bulbs from a standing position.

Planting bulbs standing position

Set the ProPlugger over the planting hole, and drop in fertilizer, soil, and bulbs in through the top of the tool.

Visit this link for more information on planting bulbs.

Check out our website for more information, including other uses for the ProPlugger including:

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  2. Lawn Plugging
  3. Ground cover planting
  4. Soil testing

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